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Stolen! [Jun. 5th, 2008|08:43 pm]
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- Wallet - It's turquoise and flowery. My mum got it for me from Menorca.

- Toothbrush – Orange Oral-b with tounge-scraper

- Jewellery Worn Daily – 4/5 hoops in my ears, nose studs and silver watch.

- Blanket – A black and white stripy one from QD!

- Coffee Cup – White mug stolen from a hotel :D

- Sunglasses – I need some new ones. My old ones are so cheap, the coloured stuff is peeling off.

- Underwear – CBGB's pants from New York.

- Shoes – Purple DMs. I'm trying to break them in. My feet hurt.

- Favorite Shirt – "I'm with Mr. Grumpy"

- Favourite Pants/Trousers – My Burtons (yes mens!) jeans.

- CD In Stereo Right Now - Janis Joplin

– CD player in car - car? HAH!

- Tattoos – A quote, the world and a Taurus symbol.

- Piercings – 9 in my ears, two in my nose!

- What You Are Wearing Now – stripy socks, Burtons jeans, leopard print vest, pink bra. and pink pants!

- Hair - Horrible faded pink. Ask, I need to dye it!

When was the last time you ...

- Smiled – Today

- Laughed – Today. At Scrubs :D

- Cried - Today

- Were Sarcastic – Today

- Had A Nightmare – Can't remember!

- Last Book You Read - DearS volume 6

- Last Movie You Saw – Doomsday (Fucking awesome!)

- Last Thing You Had To Drink – Chai tea

- Last Thing You Had To Eat – Nuggets and fries

Body -
- What Do You Like Most About Your Body – My hips and bottom.

- And Least? – My upper arms.

- How Many Fillings Do You Have – 1?

- Do You Think You Are Good -Looking – Yes! I have a big ego too.

- Do Other People Often Tell You That You’re Good-Looking – People tell me I'm pretty and cute.

- Do You Look Like Any Celebrities – Nope.

Fashion –

- Do You Wear A Watch – Just a silver one I got for my birthday form my step-dad.

- How Many Coats And Jackets Do You Own – 1 coat, 1 hoodie.

- Favourite Pants Trousers Colour - Blue

- Most Expensive Item Of Clothing – My DMs? They were £70 (down from £120!)

- Describe Your Style In One Word – Lazy

Your Friends -

- Do Your Friends Know You – They tihnk they do, nut they really don't!

- Are There Traits In You That Are Universally Liked? – My off-the-wallness. I'm a bit impulsive.

- How Many People Do You Tell Everything To – Everyone knows different things about me.

Music/Television/Books –

- Favourite Band Ever – Distillers? Nothing better to remind me of being 17 and loving life.

- Type of Music Most Listened To – Eeek. Punk? Maybe 70's?

- Type Never Listened To - Jazz.

- Favorite Book? – Stop the ride, I want to get off (Dave Courtney)

General Questions

- Sunny or Rainy Day – Rainy

- Do You Consider Yourself Lucky – I have been in the past.

- Choose One Word To Describe How You Most Often Feel – Confusued.

- Do You Own Plaid Clothing – No

- Is There More Than One Zipper On Your Pants – No

- Do You Own Braces – Yes!

- Does Your Hairstyle Exceed A Height Of Three Inches – No

- Do You Have A Favorite Brand Of Hair Dye – SFX (atomic pink!)

- Do You Own A Bandana – No

- Are You Amused By Safety Pins - Not amused, bnut I use them all the time!

- Have You Ever Used Duct Tape As A Sewing Substitute –No

- Do You Like Candles – Yes

- Do You Believe In Love - Yes

- Do You Believe In Soul Mates – Yes

- Do You Believe In Love At First Sight – Yes

- What Do You Want Done With Your Body When You Die - I want to be wrapped in a shroud and buried under a tree.

- What Are You Going to Do When You Get Older – Have children.

- How Many Songs Do You Have On Your Computer – about 400 (although Sean has 10,000 on his hard drive!)

- What Band Are You Listening To – Mungo Jerry

- Look Out Your Window... Tell Me What You See – Yellow roses and orange poppies.

- If You Could Have Any Animal For A Pet - Dog

- What Is The Longest You Ever Stayed Up – 36 hours. Then I slept for 2 hours, then stayed awake for another 14 hours.


-Are You Disgruntled – No

-Are You An Anarchist? – Hell Yeah!

-Do You Smoke Cigarettes? – No. Well...just the occasional special one :D

-Are You A Vegetarian? – No

-Do You Think Meat Is Murder – No

-Have You Ever Slept In An Alley Or Park – Maybe.

-Age – 22

-Birthday – 29th April

-Sign - Taurus

-Location - Suffolk

-Status – Taken

-Crush – Sean


-Number – 4

-Colour – Pink

-Day – Tuesday

-Month – April

-Song – She's Not There

-Movie – Hercules. Hah, I fuckin' love Disney. I'm such a sell out.

-Food – Chicken

-Season – Spring

-Class – It used to be Sociology

-Teacher – Mr Want

-Drink – Tea

-Veggie – Cucumber

-Television Show - Peep Show

-Radio – Radio 2

-Store – The Salvation Army charity shop.

-Word – Quality

-Animal – Dog

-Flower – Poppy

This Or That

-Me/You - Me

-Coke/Pepsi – Cloudy Lemonade

-Day/Night - Day

-CD/Cassette - CD


-Jeans/Khakis – Jeans

-Car/Truck – Neither

-Tall/Short - Short

-’NSync/BSB - You're going to make me chose?