Ruin Me

Dirty Pillows

29 April
So, I finally got meself one of these LiveJournals. How exciting. I collect pink things, stripy socks and strange clothes. I currently have pink hair. I have a boyfriend called Sean, and GodDamn is he smexy!!

I love to make clothes, and I also sell my creations too, so go see them at Ruin Designs. I also like to get drunk with my good friends and generally cause havoc. I'm very much a dork, and am constantly wishing that I could be more grown-up and wera make up all the time, and always dress cool. But, alas, I'm me, so that'll have to do!

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I adopted a cute lil' gothy fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

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User Number: 1630240
Date Created:2003-12-19
Number of Posts: 106

Small child of the corn, with pink hair. Suffers from random eating and random fits.
Strengths: bass playing, sewing clothes, scaring people
Weaknesses: Stubborn, tends not to shave her underarms, smelly, Sean, hot girls, glittery things.
Special Skills: play bass, making clothes, dying hair, making friends,
Weapons: Pigtails of Death, and The Stomping Boots of Pain.
Loves: Sean, Xtina, Betty the Bass, Pretty Fabric, Brody Dalle and Mayonaise on salad.

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